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Design Service

Allyna uses a team of experienced designers to not only create a stunning internal design that will highlight your content, but we will also help to create a book cover design that draws your reader in on the journey. Our designers can also create a logo that identifies you and your writing as a recognisable brand.

Cover design is the process of creating the all-important cover that serves as the book’s first impression. The cover designer will create three initial concepts for you to choose from. You’ll select one concept to be further developed into the cover, and after that concept has been developed and re-presented, you have two additional opportunities to request changes. The final cover will be given to you in print-ready, PDF format.

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How does it work?

We will...

  • Provide you with flat-lay and 3D images of your book front cover to use for marketing

  • Co-create a professionally written blurb for the back cover, designed to attract your ideal reader

  • Typeset your book. This includes the proper layout of text, titles and subtitles, the insertion of basic images, chapter headings, title pages and ‘opening pages’ such as copyright, dedication, author’s note, etc.

  • Register your book for ISBN and create a barcode for the cover

  • eBook conversion. We will convert your book into both ePub and mobi files in order to allow it to be read on any e-reader. All files are tested on live e-readers as part of the quality control.

  • Prepare your book for the technical aspects of the printing process.

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