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Book Promotion Service

Now you've written your book, you want to make sure it reaches as many readers as possible. Here's where Allyna's Book Promotion Service comes in...

Website design / development

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Your author website forms a critical element in your book marketing effort, as it’s the only piece of online ‘real estate’ that you fully own and control. It’s also the mainstay of your marketing efforts, so how you approach it is vitally important. At Allyna we recommend keeping things as simple as possible and we’ve created a website concept for the fundamentals upon which you can build.

The basic website 

Sometimes all you need is a basic website to act as the centre of your book marketing campaign. We work with you directly to create a simple, attractive and functional site that is customised just for you. The basic site includes:

  • Home page

  • About page

  • Book page

  • Blog page

  • Contact page.

Please note that for any website there will be a few set-up and maintenance costs outside of your relationship with Allyna, such as hosting, domain and annual maintenance fees. You may have already sorted this out, but if not, we would be happy to recommend specialised service providers and connect you to them.

Custom website options

Depending on your marketing approach you may want to include extra features like scheduling or e-commerce tools. Our team can certainly make this happen for you – just let us know what you need and we can provide a custom quote.

Marketing Consulting

Book marketing is tough, and there’s no magic formula or secret trick which will guarantee you success. Because of this, Allyna doesn’t offer any standardised marketing packages for authors. But we can assist in developing customised strategies for the following:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy – we’ll help you build an online brand and marketing strategy that will help you connect with your audience. Our services will empower you to create awareness and build anticipation for your book, whether you’re new to online marketing or a seasoned pro. This includes setting up and populating social media platforms, assistance with blogs, and website content.

  • PR Strategy – Getting media exposure will boost your credibility as an expert, attract more readers, improve your book sales and ultimately your business revenue. But breaking through the noise can be a challenge without the right support. We’ll work with you to develop and execute a PR strategy tailored to your goals and strengths.

  • Widespread distribution of your book – Getting you onto Bookfunnel; creating UBL links and Draft2Digital.

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