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Editing Service

Manuscript Evaluation

A manuscript evaluation includes a complete read-through of your manuscript by the editor, followed by a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of the work, with examples to illustrate. The editor will make both general and specific recommendations on how to improve the manuscript in structural, stylistic and grammatical aspects.

Editing and Proofreading

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A good editor is able to take your written ideas and help to translate them into a book that readers want to buy and read. A good editor can advise you on how to tweak your manuscript to appeal to and influence the reader.

The way in which a piece flows and how things are communicated can make the difference between success or failure in achieving the desired results. Irrespective of whether it’s a work of fiction or non-fiction, a short story, a novella, or a full-length novel, you need a good editor to review and critique to ensure that the highest levels of professionalism are attained.

We provide three types of editing in a comprehensive and thorough service. You will be supported by regular Zoom calls to go through each chapter and will have control and a guiding hand throughout the editing and proofreading process. Pricing is based on a manuscript not exceeding 80 000 words. Should your manuscript be longer than this maximum amount, you will be charged on a per word basis for each word exceeding the

80 000 words.

Structural/content/line editing

Structural/content/line editing focuses on the structure and style of a manuscript. This is the most comprehensive type of editing. It is intended to highlight the overall strengths and weaknesses of the presentation of the ideas in the work (not the ideas themselves).

This service includes a complete, detailed read of the manuscript and editorial comments, mark-ups and suggestions at a concept level. It ensures that the content, structure and style align so that the manuscript is readable, cohesive and logical, that it flows well, and its message is clear and aligned with your goals. The editor will look at plot, the consistency of narrative voice and point-of-view, the relevance of secondary ideas/subplots/characters (depending on the genre of work) and the overall integration of the manuscript as a consistent, united work.

In addition, this edit will highlight spelling, grammar and incorrect word usage. Authors will receive editorial comments, mark-ups and suggestions

It includes three run-throughs (rounds) with the editor and is a detailed service that provides:

  • An overall review

  • Micro structural edit

  • Extensive author input.

Round one:

This is an overall assessment of major structural needs. It includes a written report and general comments on your manuscript.   

Round two:

Following your re-writes, the editor will perform a detailed content and structural edit of the manuscript, where changes and comments are actioned using Microsoft Word Track Changes. The editor may make creative suggestions in the form of small re-writes of phrases or sentences as examples. Sentences, paragraphs or chapters may be moved or text highlighted, accompanied by explanatory comments.

Round three:

Following your review of the changes recommended by the editor in round two, the editor checks the work and makes any final tweaks to your manuscript. It is then returned to you to review, prior to copy editing.

Copy editing

Copy editing is available only on a manuscript that has already undergone a structural edit* and is structurally sound. It includes two run throughs (rounds) in which text is edited word-by-word and line-by-line to improve sentence structure.

The editor will undertake a complete, detailed read of your manuscript and provide editorial comments, mark-ups and suggestions. The editor will highlight awkward phrasing, incorrect word usage, incorrect spelling and grammatical error; ensure consistent tone and voice; and address any gaps or repetitions. You are welcome to pose questions via email to the editor for up to two weeks after the copy edit is completed.

Round one:

The first round of edits is the most intense and you may be asked to clarify details or supply any missing information. When we return each edited chapter to you, you will have the opportunity to review everything and ensure you are happy with the editor’s direction, then accept or delete each change (using Microsoft Word Track Changes).

Round two:

Following your review of the changes recommended by the editor, the editor will check your manuscript and make any final amendments to your manuscript. It is then returned to you to once again review and your manuscript is prepared for proofreading.


*This applies to first-time authors only. Experienced authors are welcome to make use of this service without first subjecting their manuscript to a structural edit.


Our in-depth proofreading service is the final step in the editing process and is for well-written work that nevertheless still requires a thorough proofread and final check. It includes minor editing and proofing for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation problems, grammar, word choice, typos, basic formatting capitalisation errors, link accuracy and basic formatting. It includes two run-throughs.


I am about to release a boxed set of 13 devotional books, and Allyson Koekhoven offered to critique several of the short books for me. She returned each to me within a 24-hour turnaround. Amazing. I was especially impressed with her sharp eyes and ability to spot phrases that had been missed by other readers. I don’t hesitate to recommend her services for editing non-fiction, and I hope to enlist her help again in the future.

Shirley Corder

Author & Founder, Christian Writers of South Africa (CWOSA) Online Support Group

Read CWOSA’s Shirley Corder interview with Allyson – ‘Meet the Editor’ – to find a bit more about the manuscript editing process.

I worked with Allyson for the first time on a short book of stories and poems I wrote in preparation for Father’s Day. Allyson was able to understand the message I wanted to get across and made some excellent recommendations of style which I happily accepted. She was professional to deal with, from her initial quote through a quick turnaround time and final invoicing. I am very pleased with the finished book and have now launched it on Amazon as both a paperback and ebook. I can strongly recommend Allyson to anyone requiring any editing work. I will certainly be making use of her services again.

Anna Jensen


I am so grateful for meeting Allyson! She has done an excellent job at editing and proofreading my manuscript. Right from the start, her interaction with me has been professional, yet warm and friendly as well. It was evident that my manuscript was as important to her as it was to me, and the editing and proofreading was done with great care and diligence. I would not consider ever using any other editor again!

Madeleine Venter, author of the Little Lambs Learning books.

It was important to me to find an editor for my first solo book that I could trust. Allyson certainly fitted my requirements. She quoted me a good rate and then did a thorough edit in a reasonable time, enabling me to get my book out for my scheduled launch day. A reviewer from Online Book Club mentioned the editing. "I enjoyed this reading because it conveys comforting messages that help to gain relief from God in times of trouble. The editing was outstanding, as I only saw a couple of details. For all the above, I gladly rate Who Am I? four out of four stars."

Deryn van der Tang, author of Who am I, Psalm 139

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